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The Bourbon Friday Show with Amit Kothari from Tallyfy

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show we had the opportunity to talk with Amit Kothari, co-founder and CEO of Tallyfy, about their beautiful and functional software solution to streamline repeatable business processes.

Following the Process

As many entrepreneurs and small business owners know, it’s all too easy to get bogged down in mundane daily tasks that detract valuable time from working on core business tasks. These are often the tasks you go about in a robot-like trance and before you know it, hours of valuable time have been wasted.

You know you should look into automating it, but that comes with cost or taking the time to set up the automation process. In fact, it’s comfortable having all of those processes stored in your head, it’s the way you’ve always done it, and it must be the best way then, right?

Until it’s not.

What about bringing on new hires? These processes will have to be explained time and time again. Or how about if you want to sell your business someday? You are going to need processes set in place.

“The Doing is Harder Than the Documenting”

It all came together for Kothari after experiencing a decade of trying to help medium and large size companies document and improve their business processes.

β€œIt’s easy to document a process but it isn’t easy to actually follow it… the doing is harder than the documenting, so we’re the doing part” says Kothari.

In essence, Tallyfy came about a few years ago and is hailed as a beautifully designed, multifaceted software program designed to manage internal, as well as client facing, workflows and repeatable tasks for small to medium sized businesses.

The system divides into two basic areas. First are the internal systems for the company. These tasks can range from financial and HR processes, to helping keep a remote team collaborate efficiently.

Secondly, there’s the client facing side. Tallyfy helps clients and agencies stay accountable by collating all expectations and requirements in one place. Tasks such as a client onboarding, where you’re sharing tasks with a client outside the company, are simplified through through an asynchronous automation process.

Process Automation

Tallyfy offers templates for all sorts of tasks. The SaaS platform has pre-made templates if a user wants guidance on how to automate a task for the first time, or if the user already has the steps in mind they can create their own template.

A great example of this how it integrates into a CRM. Once the salesperson makes a sale using the CRM, there’s often a gap between the sale and the fulfillment made to the client.

With Tallyfy, there can be a seamless transition from sale to client onboarding by simply implementing an automated process. The handoff will provide the client with any additional information and then facilitate the fulfillment process which can be completed in their own time. This means that companies won’t be leaving the client waiting if there is a disconnect in the transition between sales reps and campaign managers.

So, if you’ve been looking to streamline or automate your business processes you can try Tallyfy for free for up to five people at

Bourbon Innovation

As always, the Bourbon Friday team does their best to choose a fitting drink for the occasion.

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The bottle this week was Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

This bottle, is remembered fondly by both Bourbon Friday founder Erik, and guest Amit Kothari, when it was shared amongst fellow T-REX-ers during a Thanksgiving celebration a few years ago. This bottle is full proof, meaning it is not diluted before bottling, and at 116.8 proof, it’s sure to make you feel a bit warmer on the inside.

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