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The Bourbon Friday Show with Assistive Technology Creator Key2Enable

On this past episode of the Bourbon Friday Show we had the opportunity to talk with William de Oliveira and Tifany Espindola from Key2Enable about their assistive technology product the Key-X.

Key2Enable is Customizable Assistive Technology

Key-X technology provides a new contextual interface for the disabled.

The technology consists of a platform in which the controls and content can be deployed to work seamlessly, allowing institutions, teachers and health professionals a way to enrich interactions with their disabled users. The product has been refined and optimized through collaboration with pedagogists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

The technology and the company has been supported by the newly established Singularity University chapter here in St. Louis. Key2Enable, a member of Singularity Uโ€™s global portfolio, takes pride in helping advance Singularity’s mission of using exponential technology to tackle large scale societal issues.

Key2Enable aims to help those whom the market often forgets to serve with its products for people with disabilities. โ€œWe try to work with the people that were left out of most things,โ€ William said.

While there are several products aimed at making the use of computers easier for those who have disabilities, many of them are extremely niche to one disability or another, and often exclude individuals who deal with paralysis, tremors, amputations, or other types of incoordination.

The Key-X controller has large and strategically placed buttons to overcome the issues with a traditional keyboard. The platformโ€™s flexibility allows users to play complex games, access, browse and communicate on the internet.

Put more simply by the innovators at Key2Enable: โ€œif you have the right tool, anything is possible.โ€

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