OPO Demo Day

Meet the 10 Startups Presenting at OPO Demo Day

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  • Published on October 27, 2015
  • Last Updated May 21, 2020
  • In Pitch Events

OPO, the co-working incubator for digital startups in St. Charles, MO, is hosting its first Demo Day on Friday, November 4, from 6:30-9pm. Nine members will present their concepts and products to potential investors in partnership with Washington University.

OPO Startups, the co-working incubator for digital startups in St. Charles, MO, is hosting its first Demo Day on Wednesday, November 4, from 6:30-9pm. Ten members will present their concepts and products to potential investors in partnership with Washington University.

OPO opening

“For being only 5 months old, we have a great group of members who are doing some amazing things,” says Megan McKissen, Community Manager at OPO. “To be a true incubator, we want to give our members the opportunity to pitch their products, not only to connect with investors but also for valuable advice and direction on getting to the next stage.”

Located in the newly renovated Old Post Office building, OPO provides a conducive environment for regional startups to grow their company with affordable workspace and access to mentors, potential investors, programming, educational resources and a community of local entrepreneurs.

Open to the public, Demo Day is part of OPO’s Startup Wednesdays, weekly gatherings that offer members a chance to collaborate with other startups, hear stories from accomplished founders around the St. Louis area, learn from leading coaches and mentors and connect with investors.

OPO Opening

Here’s a look at the nine members presenting:


A digital design and startup studio, 3mbassy specializes in building brands through beautiful product design, user-first experiences and clever growth strategies. They work closely with startups and companies to launch products from the idea stage to taking the product to market.


BoardPaq helps plan, run and manage paperless board meetings with revolutionary cloud service and apps. Easy-to-use and cost-effective paperless solutions centralize all board documents and information, encouraging effective member communication before, during and after meetings.

Career Hacker

Career Hacker is a tool that helps streamline and track your job searches, recruiter contacts and more. It also collects and generates articles and content about your industry for you to share on social platforms, enhancing your presence in the marketplace.


Cloop keeps all of your cords and cables neat and tangle-free with a reusable magnetic cable tie. Built to help keep busy people organized, Cloop cleans up the cord and cable clutter from your growing collection of gadgets.


Through Sherlock, FinVR’s virtual reality trading platform and social network, traders and brokers gain unprecedented insights into the direction of the market. The trading platform allows you to navigate vast amounts of financial information in real time, either in your own private virtual reality space or optionally as part of a much larger social network.


Re-envisioning the way you clean your grill, Grillinator offers tools and brushes that get your grill ready for the next great barbecue.

Olio City

Olio City provides a new way to get to know your city with their personalized city discovery application. They deliver highly curated recommendations in events, restaurants and attractions.

Red 8 Interactive

From start-ups to advertising agencies and web designs firms, Red 8 Interactive specializes in building custom WordPress themes and native mobile apps for their customers.


Snipe, a location-based visual content app delivers a live visual feed of images and 10-second videos that show what’s happening within a 10-mile radius around you, saving you from missing out on all the great opportunities in your own neighborhood.


Through a social matching platform, XLR8 connects entrepreneurs with the right people and resources early in their journey, giving them a distinct advantage that can help take dreams to reality and create something amazing.

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