Want to Supercharge Your Startup? Apply for Arch Grants’ Global Startup Competition

EQ - The Arch Grants 2018 Global Startup Competition opens on February 1st. Here's what entrepreneurs need to know about the program.

The Arch Grants team is thrilled to announce the 2018 Arch Grants Global Startup Competition. The competition opens on February 1st to startups around the world.

Each winning company will receive a $50,000 equity-free grant, as well as a support package of pro bono and heavily discounted service from respected local firms. In turn, startups operate their business in St. Louis for a period of at least one year.

Since 2012, we’ve awarded over $6 million in cash grants to attract or retain more than 100 early-stage businesses in St. Louis. These companies have gone on to create over 1,200 jobs, generate $89 million in revenue, and attract more than $128 million in follow-on capital.

In addition to the $50,000 equity-free grant, Arch Grant recipients who commit to St. Louis for at least one year will gain access to the following benefits:

  • Pro bono and discounted services in essential business areas, including legal, accounting, marketing, HR, and banking
  • Personal introductions to strategic business and civic leaders
  • Access to Arch Grants leadership
  • Educational programming
  • Recruiting and talent acquisition services
  • Professional and high level business mentorship
  • Relocation assistance, social support, and community integration services
  • Inclusion into a community of innovative entrepreneurs

Who Should Apply?

We’re looking for scalable, for-profit companies with innovative technologies, products, or services. We have a strong preference for startups that have moved beyond the idea stage and can demonstrate how our support will help them mature into well-rounded businesses with the potential for national or international impact.

We welcome submissions from any industry and any part of the world, but all applicants must relocate to St. Louis if not already here. While we’re invested in the professional success of our entrepreneurs, we also want them to strengthen the city’s culture of entrepreneurship and stimulate economic development.

Convinced that you’re the next Arch Grants Recipient? Visit our website for more information about eligibility requirements and the application process.

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Emily is the executive director of Arch Grants, a nonprofit looking to build a new economy in the St. Louis region by attracting and retaining innovative entrepreneurs.