Capital Innovators Announces Fall 2020 Startups

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  • Published on September 25, 2020
  • Last Updated October 4, 2021
  • In Entrepreneur Quarterly
  • Edited by EQ

Top-ranked accelerator Capital Innovators have announced its Fall 2020 cohort. This is the 22nd cohort to partake in the startup accelerator program in St. Louis, where each startup receives hands-on mentorship through its rigorous 12-week program.

“Capital Innovators is excited to work with this cohort of world-class startups and support them as the newest members of our portfolio. We experienced a 40% increase in applications for this fall class as more startups seek funding and mentorship to scale their operations and adapt to current market conditions.”

“This raised the competition for businesses to participate in our program and these 6 companies represent the top founders that applied. Hailing from across the U.S. and Canada, these startups will be working closely with the Capital Innovators team to accelerate growth and prepare to scale their business to the next level,” says Brian Dixon, COO of Capital Innovators.

Typical of “these unprecedented times” (although not quite without precedent actually), this year we have video pitches to accompany the announcement.


Allosense (Roman Sandoval, CEO, from San Antonio, TX) delivers an easy user experience for integrating smart sensors and analyzing data. They design and manufacture “always connected” asset trackers using cellular, satellite, and mesh technologies to reduce logistic inefficiencies.

Their trackers incorporate a suite of sensors for monitoring high-value assets in real-time. Allosense is a federal contractor and is a Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) awardee by AFWERX, the US Air Force’s Innovation Hub.


Create and customize your own community website through the platform (Arwina Mogul, CEO, Toronto, Canada). Create a community specifically designed for your customers, manage safety standards, and choose from a variety of engagement features to increase customer loyalty. is completely cloud-based and hosted, which means you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. It also prioritizes a mobile-first design which gives your customers the flexibility and access to your community at their fingertips.


With their patent-pending technology and team of experts, Eggschain (Wei Escala, CEO, Austin, TX) strives to preserve the hopes of life and help advance humanity. Their cloud-based solution makes searching, donating, matching, tracking, and cataloging bio-specimens (plasma, blood, sperm, eggs, embryos, etc.) easier, more accurate and faster.

Eggschain also educates the public about options to build a family, in addition to sharing best practices on cryo-preservation.


Fitness instructors and trainers have long been squeezed in the value chains of studios and gyms, earning only 13% of the $200 in revenue generated by an average fitness class. IndiFit (Cheryl Kemp, CEO, Chicago, IL) is disrupting this model, empowering instructors to earn more by hosting their own in-person and virtual classes independently.

With IndiFit, instructors can build their own business via access to booking tools, consumer demand, and peer-to-peer bookable spaces where they can teach.


Keydabra (Matthew Travis Tanner, CEO, Atlanta, GA) starts where traditional analytics end. Keydabra’s software can predict outcomes, prescribe solutions for improvement, and help make sense of digital data using a proprietary set of ML algorithms.

Their software measures and quantifies customer’s experiences, expresses them as an overall score, and predicts improvements. This SaaS-based platform can be used to improve experience and conversion rates on any digital platform (websites, apps, and social media).


1 in 2 Millennials are living check-to-check which forces them to sacrifice things like eyecare, especially while paying for necessities like rent, food, and transportation. When faced with an additional $300 for an unexpected eye exam/contact lenses, they are choosing to risk their vision by overwearing their contacts.

This habit can lead to eye-related complications such as bacterial eye infections; in fact, there are over 1 million hospital visits due to eye infections each year. Optikal (SueAnn Hollowell, CEO, Atlanta, GA) is a subscription box that makes contact care more affordable by breaking up the cost of an online eye exam, annual supply of contacts, and contact care supplies into easy monthly payments, while delivering everything needed to your doorstep.

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