Industrious Celebrates Its First Year in St. Louis: 10 Things the Coworking Space has Learned

This month, Industrious, the elegant blend of co-working and private office space in Downtown St. Louis, celebrates its one-year anniversary. The occasion was marked with mimosas and croissants from Comet Coffee, ice cream with a giant spread of toppings from Ices Plain & Fancy, their weekly tradition of a beer and popcorn happy hour (now featuring wine!), margaritas and Mexican food and plenty of other festive surprises.


We asked community manager, Emma Dively, to give us some insight into a few of the lessons the co-working space learned over the past year. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Proximity to other entrepreneurs breeds inspiration.

When you’re surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are grinding it out, it’s hard not to be inspired to up your game. (Said another way, it’s easier to stay off of social media and stay focused with other hard-working people around.)

2. Social and work go hand in hand.

Humans are social creatures. Having a social outlet is part of a healthy work environment.

3. Find a place to be productive.

Working in your pajamas every day isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. It’s nice to get out of the house.

4. Natural light does wonders for productivity.

Always get your Vitamin D. Dively says she’s met so many people who are used to working in windowless offices. Their energy level goes through the roof when they move into Industrious’ sunny offices.


5. Perks can make all the difference.

It doesn’t matter how bad traffic is, a Whisk scone, a cup of Blueprint coffee or a pint of 4 Hands craft beer can brighten anyone’s mood.

6. Good neighbors lend a hand.

Keep batteries in your desk. When people ask if you happen to have them and you do, they will think you are the most prepared person in the world.

7. Blending talent and backgrounds = magic.

St. Louis has an incredible mix of entrepreneurs. When you put them in the same room together, it’s amazing to step back and watch what happens.

8. Simplify as much as you can when working remotely.

If you have a dispersed team, Slack is a great way to keep in touch.

9. Inspiring surroundings are key.

Downtown St. Louis boasts some of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

10. A supportive community is everything.

Most important lessoned learned for the Industrious team this past year? People really want to see you succeed in St. Louis.

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