Industrious STL is Redefining the Coworking Experience

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  • Published on June 6, 2016
  • Last Updated June 1, 2021
  • In Coworking

This story appeared in EQ's Summer 2016 issue.

Drawing everyone from freelancers and entrepreneurial startups to seasoned CEOs and Fortune 500s, co-working spaces are becoming a way to reinvent the work environment. Leading the way with its nationwide concept, Industrious is expanding throughout major cities across the US and celebrated one year in St. Louis this spring.

So what makes Industrious’ brand of co-working space such a hit? Let’s take a look.

Photo courtesy of Industrious
The St. Louis Industrious location is in the heart of Downtown St. Louis at 555 Washington Ave. Photo by Wesley Law 

A Perfect World

Do you work better on your own? Or does a constant buzz of activity keep you focused? Industrious St. Louis’ sleek glass-enclosed offices give you the best of both worlds: privacy to be productive within an open and energetic office. Shut your door and get in the zone, or pop out to the common area to bounce ideas off other members or just clear your head. Picture your own private office in the back of your go-to STL coffee shop—that’s the vibe you get with Industrious.

Industrious St. Louis has attracted many fashion-focused companies to its space, including Hanger (pictured), Toi Box Couture and former member The Normal Brand. Photo courtesy of Industrious
Industrious St. Louis has
attracted many fashion-focused
companies to its space, including
Hanger (pictured), Toi Box Couture
and former member The Normal
Brand. Photo by Wesley Law 

Those Who Wander

With 10 locations, membership at one Industrious location means access to all. Former member Wes Hoffman of Treehouse Networkshop took advantage of this perk when he hosted a lunch-and-learn at the Chicago location, making solid connections in a new city.

Kitchen hangouts are common. Photo courtesy of Industrious
Kitchen hangouts are common. Photo by Wesley Law 

“Whether it’s getting your brand in front of a new audience or having a beautiful space with reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi to work from when you touch down in a new city, our national network is a unique piece of what we’re able to provide our members,” says Emma Dively, Industrious’ St. Louis community manager.

And with month-to-month agreements, Industrious offers the flexibility for a company to grow into a larger space within each city or jump to a new city altogether.

Workplace Luxuries

Industrious has the free Wi-Fi, conference rooms and the typical office amenities you’d expect from any co-working space, but the cafe—and the specialty food stocked there—give them an edge. Each location partners with local coffee roasters, companies and restaurants to bolster city pride.

St. Louis’ location taps Blueprint Coffee and features roasters from other Industrious locations each month, while afternoon hunger is staved off thanks to pastries from local favorites Whisk, Black Bear Bakery and Vincent Van Doughnuts.

There’s also the ubiquitous co-working happy hour—not just limited to post-5pm—which is brought to workers through an ever-rotating keg of 4 Hands craft beer.

Local favorite, 4Hands Brewery keep members happy with regular keg deliveries of their craft brews. Photo courtesy of Industrious
Local favorite, 4Hands Brewery
keep members happy with regular
keg deliveries of their craft brews. Photo by Wesley Law 

Meeting of Minds

One of the great things about Industrious is that not all members are cut from the same cloth, making it a perfect community for startups and traditional businesses alike. “Industrious is a little slice of paradise for me,” says Geneviève Steidtmann of G Ink., a consulting firm focused on project management and communications.

Fashion label Toi Box Couture was the first member of Industrious St. Louis. Photo courtesy of Industrious
Fashion label Toi Box Couture
was the first member of Industrious
St. Louis. Photo by Wesley Law 

“It’s an innovative space that’s great to spend time in, and it allows me to have a ‘home base’ that’s something other than my home office, where distractions abound.” In its first year in the city, Industrious’ St. Louis location has members heading up apparel lines, tech startups, law firms and big-data companies.

Members from different disciplines mix, mingle and collaborate. Photo by Wesley Law 

Building Community

When you become an Industrious member, you also gain access to a social calendar. Whether it’s a beer-and-popcorn happy hour (freshly served up from an antique popper on display in the cafe), a bloody mary bar, member lunches, or networking events, Industrious connects members to each other and the startup community at large. Over the past few months, the St. Louis location has hosted AMA social media happy hours, a game night with Game Night Gear and Nerdy Networking with Super Heroines, Etc. and Nerd 4 A Living.

Location, Location, Location

“When Industrious was looking to move to St. Louis, we knew we wanted to be part of the innovation and tech scene that was developing Downtown,” says Dively. “T-REX is doing huge things for this city in terms of incubating new companies and burgeoning entrepreneurs. It’s been great to see our members attending their events and vice versa.”

There’s also the draw of the neighborhood, which has recently welcomed the National Blues Museum and a slew of restaurants: The Kitchen Sink is just an elevator ride away, and just across the street is Gerard Craft’s Porano Pasta, which is close to Pi Pizzeria and Taze Mediterranean Street Food.

And if you’re on your way in and see a line of hungry-looking people, you’re probably passing by Sugarfire Smokehouse’s newest location.

Coworking Redefined

Whether you choose a private office or open co-working, members of Industrious’ 10 national locations gain access to elegant spaces, an inspiring community and unmatched hospitality. Industrious offers flexible leasing, so you can stay one month or 10 years, with the ability to grow your space as your team grows.

The St. Louis location boasts:

  • 10,000 square feet of space in the heart of Downtown
  • Month-to-month agreements
  • Complimentary coffee, as well as artisanal pastries and beer from local favorites
  • Fast and free Wi-Fi
  • Concierge service
  • Opportunities to meet and mingle with members of St. Louis’ innovation class.

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