Innovate Giving Event Explores How Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship is Disrupting Philanthropy

Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy is innovating fast. We take a moment to talk about it.

While disruption and philanthropy don’t seem on the surface to have much in common, these days, the opposite couldn’t be more true—and it’s been awhile in the making. With its origins in the crowdfunding sphere, it was only a matter of time before social entrepreneurs began tinkering with ways to disrupt how their mission-oriented organizations are doing business.

By now, many people are aware of the online crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. They allow you to remotely support a new company or product financially, oftentimes products or businesses that you would have no direct contact with during your daily life, if it weren’t for the internet.

Fast forward a few years and add many, many social entrepreneurs, and you have successfully disrupted the idea of traditional philanthropy.

Traditional philanthropy, the idea of donating physical money (whether it be through fundraising events like a gala or through a religious organization, or even donating time/volunteer efforts to organizations you interact with daily) are still status quo, but innovations have been able to scale these traditional efforts and more conveniently connect people with valuable causes and organizations they may have never known about otherwise.

There are questions around how these innovations can make change programs more effective, but also about how innovation, which doesn’t necessarily mean tech, is having an impact on solving problems, not always for the good.

The panel will include:

Register below to hear their unique perspectives as social entrepreneurs and innovators.

Join us at T-Rex this Friday, July 27th from 4PM-8PM for an evening around how to Innovate Giving and a panel discussion around disruption within the Social Entrepreneur space. The evening is sponsored by Courtyard Downtown St. Louis Convention Center and will include food and drinks. RSVP to the free event here:

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