St. Louis Needs A Sales Skills Accelerator

And we don't have one yet, so we're launching a series of sales skills training events to activate the sales community here in St. Louis.

Looking to grow your company? Check out EQ’s sales training course.

Our city is now, more than ever, is well primed for a huge comeback. As the St. Louis startup ecosystem flourishes, follow on rounds of investments are fueling economic growth. That growth is producing the experience and leadership this city needs to replicate over and over again.

With coworking spaces like T-REX, CIC and OPO there’s no shortage of places to build your company. With Capital Innovators, Arch Grants and Cultivation Capital there’s no shortage of funds. With Launchcode and Claim Academy we have the talent to give our great city the ability to engineer and build those tech products.

Nonetheless, even the greatest products don’t sell themselves. Someone has to market them, someone has to pitch them and someone has to close them. That process requires some fundamental skills too.

Which is to say that sales is a talent and process you can learn -just like coding!

Sales skills are also essential at every stage of the company lifecycle. Whether you’re a founder and you’re pitching for your seed round, series A, or simply some of the many startup pitch events in St. Louis, potential investors and mentors will always ask:

  • How many customers do you have?
  • What are your revenue numbers?
  • What is your burn rate?

Sales is the lifeblood that will fuel the current and future rounds of great companies here in St. Louis.

But where are the sales accelerators? Where are the sales people? Where is the community, the support, networking and growth that we need to keep these businesses growing consistently and scaling up?

Activating the Sales Community in St. Louis

We at SM|STL believe that the formation and continuous interaction with a sales and business development community through events and discussions is vital towards the repeatable and scalable growth of every single company that has a product, solution or service to sell.

To reach that goal we’re launching a series of sales events to activate the sales community here in St. Louis.

We’ll be hosting our first meeting this month on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 4:30pm to 9:00pm at T-Rex, where we will discuss “Old School VS New School Sales Tactics.”

We’ll be hosting a discussion with our friends from Outreach,, Square, Equifax, Cultivation Capital & Sapper Consulting. Expect to walk away with actionable insights on sales technology, processes, interviewing and even make a few new connections.

Here’s what to prepare for at a sales event, so you can get the most value when you attend.

  • Expect to learn at least 1 new thing that you can take back to your office and incorporate into you and your team’s daily sales and marketing routine immediately.
  • Expect to build a referral network that promotes you and your company.
  • You should always bring business cards – palm to the face when you forget!
  • You should always make sure you have your elevator pitch down pat – 10 seconds, no more, no less.
  • You should always ASK QUESTIONS, a silent audience sucks.

Registration is now open for SalesMentour’s next sales accelerator event on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM at T-Rex, sponsored by and presented in association with EQ.

Nick focuses on building strategic client relationships and partnerships for Longneck & Thunderfoot. His dynamic business background includes experience in the startup, government contract, staffing, and financial services spaces. When Nick isn't helping clients build their marketing strategies, he can be found playing with his two impossibly cute kids.

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