STL Partnership Launches Crowd Funding Platform

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger joined with area business leaders and representatives of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership to announce the launch of an innovative, new funding source that provides a way for small investors to help fund area start-ups.

Nvsted (pronounced “N-vested”), a St. Louis-centric crowdfunding marketplace, has received federal Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) approval and is now open to St. Louis-based businesses and investors from around the United States. Nvsted provides a unique platform connecting startups and business owners with like-minded investors.

“Nvsted will propel the growth of entrepreneurs, support the expansion of St. Louis area-based jobs, and strengthen the foundation of regional businesses, said St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger. “The timing is certainly right for introduction of this innovative tech tool for funding startups.”

Crowdfunding and kick-starter platforms are a familiar concept in the St. Louis area and throughout the nation, as well as among local venture capital firms. Nvsted is the only regulation crowdfunding marketplace specific to the St. Louis region and the first in the nation organized by an economic development agency.

It allows people to invest in companies for as little at $100. The Nvested online portal seeks to connect the region’s thriving community of startups to a wider range of capital, including investment opportunities for everyday investors who might be customers or other business and civic supporters.

Businesses must be located in the St. Louis region, though investors may be from anywhere in the United States.

A technology platform with a hyper-local focus, Nvsted is an online marketplace for companies to reach investors for their fundraising needs. Designed to build and grow St. Louis companies, Nvsted is a viable complement and alternative to other methods of raising capital.

“The St. Louis business ecosystem continues to be exceptional for startups and business expansion,” said Jamey Edgerton, CEO of Nvsted. “Recent approval by FINRA for Nvsted’s launch further strengthens the St. Louis region’s position as one of the top areas to start and grow a business. Nvsted is innovation that will strengthen St. Louis region’s business environment – it’s innovative, unique and supports our business community.”

Nvsted will contribute to the economic momentum underway in St. Louis County since 2015, a boom marked by more than $5 billion in corporate expansions and capital improvements, the creation of 5,700 jobs and the retention of over 30,000 more.

WellBeing Brewing Company is the first company to participate in this innovative new fundraising platform. The company seeks to raise between $125,000 to $200,000 to brew non-alcoholic beer.

To learn more about Nvsted, or to invest in a St. Louis company, please visit

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