UMSL Business Launches Marketing Advisory Board Scholarship to Fund New Students

The UMSL Business Marketing Advisory Board launches fundraising campaign to provide students with $1000 scholarships.

Yesterday, for #GivingTuesday, the Marketing Advisory Board for UMSL Business launched a scholarship fund to assist new UMSL Marketing students. The Marketing Advisory Board hopes to raise more than $5,000 to assist students in their studies and is inviting those who have successfully launched their own careers in marketing to pay forward some of the benefits they’ve had to newbies just starting out.

Marketing is an unusual career path insofar as the industry is continually evolving: lucky breaks play a big part in finding your footing in the early days. A promotional video was created with the board members (Disclosure: I am a Marketing Advisory Board Member) that demonstrates how common this experience of tenacity and luck was in the careers of senior marketers working in St. Louis today.

If the message of the video speaks to your own experience and inspires you to support someone just starting out, please do consider making a donation to the fund via this page:

Scholarship Impact on Students

This is the second Scholarship funding campaign created in three years and this year’s goal is to raise enough for five $1000 scholarships. Letters sent by students who were previously recipients speak to how impactful the additional funding was for them.

2018 Scholarship recipient Samantha Jacobs said, “I am originally from Jefferson City, MO, and moved up to St. Louis to explore big city life. By awarding this scholarship to me, you have made it possible for me to continue living my best life and pursuing a college degree as a first-generation college student. This means more than I could ever put into words, and I think you for allowing my parents and my dreams to continue to grow.”

In another personal letter to UMSL, 2019 Scholarship recipient Amra Mehmedi wrote, “This scholarship means a lot to my family and myself. My family has worked hard to go from a war-torn country to building a new life here in America. This scholarship proves that what my parents suffered through was worth it and because of that, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. The Marketing Advisory Board Scholarship has given me such a great opportunity and motivation to do even better in the field that I chose. I fell in love with Marketing in High School and I have learned how versatile the career can be. With this scholarship I will be taking full advantage of it and focusing on my studies so that in the end these scholarships can be worth it. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

If you can remember the lucky breaks you’d pay forward to someone starting out on their own career, and would like to make a donation please visit:

Every Advisory Board Member volunteers their time to support students and the university in a broad capacity that includes networking opportunities, mentorship, classroom assistance, teaching and curriculum development. The Marketing Advisory Board Scholarship expands that mission to also help students afford course materials, workbooks and software to assist their training and education.

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