Christina Hawatmeh On Founding Scopio And Storytelling Through User Generated Content

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  • Published on December 2, 2017
  • Last Updated June 1, 2021
  • In Entrepreneur Quarterly

Whether you're getting someone to buy something, or experience something, or donate to something, user generated content is generally what's powering that decision making process.

Remember life before memes? It feels like so long ago. Today, unoriginal content accounts for over 90% of what we share in our networks.

Christina Hawatmeh is a social content purist. Hooked by captivating images and videos of the Arab Spring six years ago, Christina was determined to experience the best. That proved a daunting challenge. There was too much.

Everyone with a smartphone was a journalist, and there was no editor. The content, like the societies it was documenting, was chaos.

Inspired by the mess, Christina founded Scopio, a search engine for user-generated photos and videos. It allows individuals and companies the rights to original content to enhance their online story, while compensating the content creators.

In theory it sounds simple, but the technology is complicated and quickly changing. Christina joined the podcast to share the story of her startup journey, which has led back to her hometown of St Louis.

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