Gabe Lozano To Join Arch Grants Advisory Board and Finalist Panel

Arch Grants will announce tomorrow morning (Nov. 19) that Gabe Lozano—CEO and co-founder of LockerDome—will join the Arch Grants Advisory Board and serve as a finalist judge.

Arch Grants will announce tomorrow morning (Nov. 19) that Gabe Lozano, CEO and co-founder of LockerDome, will join the Arch Grants Advisory Board and serve as a finalist judge for the 2014 Arch Grants Global Business Plan Competition. The announcement comes just a few months after Lozano announced “GlobalHack”, a nonprofit featuring big-award hackathons with the goal of attracting more businesses and tech-talented individuals to the local entrepreneurial community.

Lozano’s experience with how things work (or what doesn’t) will bring new insight as he sits on the final judging panel.

The Arch Grants Global Business Plan Competition culminates in late April when companies give their final pitch to the panel as they compete for a $50,000 Arch grant. The 2014 Arch Grants final judging committee, whose members will select the winners, consists of Lozano, Jim McKelvey, and Matthew Porter.

Lozano will also join the Arch Grants advisory board. “The fact that the judging panel consists solely of entrepreneurs is a good sign of forward progress for St. Louis’ startup culture,” Lozano says.

“I am a firm believer in Arch Grants’ mission and am looking forward to supporting it as the organization continues to scale. I am also excited about the possibilities for Arch Grants and GlobalHack to grow in tandem in the coming years.”

A tie-in between the Arch Grants competition and GlobalHack’s quarterly hackathon, in which teams of programmers go head-to-head to solve a particular coding or engineering problem, was also announced. The winning team of one of the quarterly hackathons will earn the right to compete for a $50,000 grant at the Arch Grants Finalist Weekend.

Due to Lozano’s role as founder of the hackathon, he’ll bow out of the judging for the GlobalHack winner for Arch Grants.

In the prepared statement, Arch Grants’ President Jerry Schlichter says, “We are pleased to have an innovator like Gabe supporting the Arch Grants mission in these capacities. (He’s) a true entrepreneur and will be an asset to Arch Grants as we work to fulfill our goal of starting and building great companies in St. Louis.”

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