LockerDome is a social media and native advertising platform founded in 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri, by CEO Gabe Lozano. Launched as a sports-themed social network, it expanded to other interests with the launch of LockerDome 3.0 in December 2013, and has since further broadened its audience by embedding native content widgets across third-party media websites.

Through embedded widgets on the world’s top media properties, more than 100 million people per month use the platform to discover, collect, and engage around great content. For brands, LockerDome focuses on ‘conversion media.’

LockerDome’s native ad platform not only serves snackable content that users actually want to engage with, but packages and delivers back real-time insights on conversion data. These insights are used to programmatically and manually optimize campaigns, driving lower CPAs than traditional media buys.

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