GlobalHack V is Making St. Louis a Winner

GlobalHack is making the St. Louis tech community better through hackathons.

A hackathon is a programming competition where software developers, designers and entrepreneurs from around the country build products over the course of a weekend. The winners are awarded cash prizes that reach $50,000+, but the real winner is St. Louis as we have the opportunity to showcase our city and the local talent that drives our growing entrepreneurial culture.

In the past three years, GlobalHack has delivered software solutions that have kickstarted one of St. Louis’ hottest startups (TopOPPS), and successfully performed significant research and development for a growth-stage startup (LockerDome), a Department of Defense contractor (OGSystems), and a Fortune 500 company (Emerson).

For this year’s event, which will begin on Friday, September 11th, the organizers of GlobalHack V are looking to drive further impact in St. Louis by shifting the event focus toward a civic-minded technology project – improving citizens’ interactions with the municipal court system.