Cultivation Capital Tech Fund I and Tech Fund II: Investment Update

Cultivation Capital released an update today on their two technology funds, Tech Fund I and Tech Fund II. Since the beginning of 2016, 12 investments have been made in 22 portfolio companies and three accelerators totaling $6,499,986.


Since April 2012, Tech Fund I has invested in a total of 14 portfolio companies and 2 accelerators (Capital Innovators and SixThirty FinTech Accelerator). The total amount invested since 2012 is $18,106,526. The total amount raised by Tech Fund I’s 14 portfolio companies is $275,430,000.

In the first half of 2016, Tech Fund I did follow-on investments totaling $2,449,999 into five of its portfolio companies: Label Insight; LockerDome; Hatchbuck; TopOpps; and Gremln.

Since the fund’s first investment in January of 2015, Tech Fund II has invested in a total of seven portfolio companies and two accelerators. The total amount raised by the Tech Fund II portfolio is $51,500,000.

In the 1st half of 2016, Tech Fund II invested $4,049,986 in nine total investments, including three existing portfolio companies, two accelerators and four new companies: S4 Agtech, an agriculture data analytics company headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with an office in St. Louis, MO., Cloudbeds, a hotel management software package headquartered in San Diego, SafeTrek, a personal safety app that moved from San Diego to St. Louis in the first quarter, and Driversiti, a driver safety technology company that is headquartered in Warwick, NY.

In the 1st half of 2016, Tech Fund II did follow-on investments into three of its portfolio companies: PromisePay, BlueBridge Digital, and FinLocker. It also made follow-on investments in two accelerators: SixThirty FinTech Accelerator and Prosper Women Entrepreneurs StartUp Accelerator.