Jim McKelvey Launches LaunchCode, Showtime Signs On With LockerDome

News about Jim McKelvey's "game-changing" announcement, BioGenerator's new entrepreneurs, LockerDome's relationship with Showtime and more.

McKelvey’s LaunchCode Prepares For Lift-Off

In an interview with EQ, Jim McKelvey stated he had a “game-changing” plan in the works that would alleviate the “profound” talent shortage in the city. Last week, McKelvey announced LaunchCode, which pairs beginner programmers with professionals at 100 of St. Louis’ largest and most promising companies to gain three months of practical experience, after which they might be hired.

At the press conference, McKelvey posited that if LaunchCode is successful, “St. Louis will have the only talent surplus in the country, and companies will move here (because of it).” McKelvey will speak at Saint Louis University on TrepStart Day, Sept. 23, to more than 1,000 high school students looking to dive into the entrepreneurial pond.

BioGenerator Puts Four on the Floor

Four new โ€œentrepreneurs in residenceโ€ have joined BioGenerator, the not-for-profit venture development arm of BioSTL, to help drive the organization’s efforts guiding new early-stage bioscience companies. That brings the number of entrepreneurs who work with more than 100 bio-science startups to 12.

Eateria Takes a Big Bite

Eateria has inked a deal to partner with Food Services for America (FSA), giving them access to more than 26,000 restaurants and potential clients. In the deal, FSA salespeople will sell the Eateria platform (which offers digital loyalty marketing tools for restaurants and other businesses), and Eateria pays them $15 for each account secured.

LockerDome Expands Playing Field

Seeing an opportunity to help broadcasting companies better engage their live TV audiences, Gabe Lozano has announced that LockerDome will be partnering with networks and their on-air talent. Showtime has already signed on and will test various concepts like quizzes, contests, and polls. The company is already working directly with several media companies, including Emmis Communications, Lee Enterprises and USAtoday.

Upheaval Arts Gets a Kick-Start

Upheaval Arts, a video game development company based in St. Louis, is developing a free-to-play science-fiction web game, StarCraft Universe, and they’ve turned to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter for financing.

With 21 days to go, 820 backers have pledged $37,018 toward the $80,000 project. The company is currently based on a single mod for StarCraft II.