NappyMe, An On Demand App for Textured Hair Stylists Launches in the US

NappyMe, a “digital hair salon,” will debut in Atlanta in a few weeks to meet the needs of African-American women and their curly hair. CEO & co-founder of NappyMe, Ange Bouable, is teeing up the launch nationally as part of his participation in the Capital Innovators 2018 Fall cohort.

The NappyMe mobile app will help African-American women connect with hairstylists who can manage their hair perfectly. NappyMe combines the best aspects of the textured hair industry with the newest technology to serve the unmet needs of this multi-billion dollar market in the US.

The term “Nappy” is historically associated with short and tightly-coiled hair. Although “Nappy” has previously been used pejoratively, this fashion startup is reclaiming the word as a celebration of textured hair.

Many African-American women struggle to find a hairstylist who can handle their hair, and often need guidance around which beauty products are tailored to fit their needs. NappyMe curates a selection of expert hairstylists offering high-quality services at affordable prices.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new digital hair salon in Atlanta,” said Ange Bouable, Co-Founder of NappyMe. “We started NappyMe in Paris, France, where we have over 100,000 members and 1,000 hairstylists. Now we’re expanding into the US, first in Atlanta and then nationwide, to revolutionize the African-American hair industry.”

In an email conversation, Bouable told EQ that he intends to roll out the textured hairstylist network in St. Louis soon, “St. Louis is one the top cities in the US with a huge African American community. It’s a great market for us and we’re planning to expand across the St. Louis region in the coming months.”

Please visit to find out more. To celebrate their debut in the US, NappyMe invites individuals to pre-register as a member of the community for advanced access to the NappyMe app when it is available for download.

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