7 Reasons to Register for Capital Innovators Demo Day ASAP

Mark your calendars for May 17, when Capital Innovators turns their Demo Day into an open-to-all event you can’t miss. This affair puts the accelerator’s fall and spring semester cohorts—11 total companies—front and center. Each startup will present eight minutes of thought provoking, innovative and polished business pitches live on stage at The Pageant.


Demo Day always attracts a crowd, but this year it’s expected to swell past the 750 attendees it drew last year. Not an investor or corporate representative? No problem. CI didn’t create this event to be exclusive; it’s for everyone. So plan on grabbing a seat. Why? Here’s our pitch:

City Pride

St. Louisans take pride in their city and that pride isn’t misplaced. STL’s economic landscape is changing and the startup culture is gaining even more momentum, even earning national notoriety. Just last year, St. Louis was voted number one for startup percentage in deal growth. St. Louis’ revival is here, and this is an opportunity to witness it first-hand.

Braggin’ Rights

The companies in the Capital Innovators class are driving technology forward. Whether that technology is a revolutionary pitching machine being used by major league teams or an app that transforms restaurants into social enterprises, you have a front row seat to see the next big thing before it becomes a household name. Being able to say, “I knew them when” is always a great feeling.

Public Displays of Exuberance

Demo Day gives an opportunity to clap, whoop, celebrate and create a general hoopla. During this day-long Shark Tank, come to praise the research, the critical thinking and the ideas. These companies have gone through 12 weeks of programming at one of the top accelerators in the country and through their pitches, they’ll be sharing what they learned. That’s worthy of some noise-making.

Mic Drops

This year’s keynote speaker is none other than Steve Maritz, owner of Maritz, one of the top 10 employers in the St. Louis area, will help kick off the pitches, while Capital Innovators’ CEO & managing partner Judy Sindecuse serves as emcee for the day.

Firm Handshakes

If you like what you hear, let ’em know. The perimeter of the presentation space at The Pageant will be lined with booths manned by speakers. Demo Day is not just business—it’s personal. Feel free to meet and mingle with the companies after they present, look them in the eye, ask follow-up questions and keep the conversation going by exchanging business cards and making plans for coffee.

Food and Libations

Light finger food for guests will keep stomachs from growling and an open bar will prevent dry mouth throughout the day. After the event wraps at 5pm, stroll The Loop for drinks and dinner.