7 Reasons Why You Should Apply to the Capital Innovators Accelerator Program

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You have a validated concept, a viable team, early traction, a straightforward value proposition and business plan and are ready to apply for an accelerator to take things to the next level. Applied to Capital Innovators yet?

If you haven’t made your move quite yet, we have reasons to bump it up on your priority list. 

Juristat presenting at Capital Innovators Demo Day in Spring 2013.

1. Ringing Endorsements

Each spring and fall, Capital Innovators selects five or six startups into its accelerator. It’s a selective set, especially considering that approximately 300 companies apply each semester.

It’s one of the longest-running accelerator programs in St. Louis and 98% of their accelerator alumni companies are still operating. The implication is, if you’re with Capital Innovators, you’ve got staying power. It’s no surprise that in each of the last three years, Capital Innovators has been named a top 10 national accelerator.

2. A Place to Hang Your Hat

Capital Innovators companies have access to dedicated office space at CIC St. Louis or Cortex. This relieves the burden of finding a place to accomplish your goals while also paying the rent, freeing you to invest your time and resources elsewhere. It’s the little things.

3. A Tribe All Your Own

While a part of the program, you aren’t left to grow in a vacuum. Working in CIC, you’re surrounded by your cohort as well as the community of other tech startups and entrepreneur support organizations in St. Louis.

This close proximity opens up startups up to a multitude of possibilities within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

4. You’re In; You’re Family.

While the $50,000 investment that comes with winning a spot in a Capital Innovators cohort is a huge motivator, the benefits to portfolio companies goes beyond the initial investment dollars. 

The 12-week program offers structured support through a network of 60+ mentors, other current portfolio companies (currently numbering 70) and offerings from service provider partners. With the expert mentorship and guidance they receive from the program, companies identify blind spots, weaknesses, and galvanize strengths faster.

5. A Seat at the Table

Capital Innovators is busy cultivating corporate relationships that can serve their companies, including a strong partnership with Maritz. These type of relationships will enable the 2017 class to strike up partnerships with thriving businesses in order to test products in their nascent stages, when refining ideas and product offerings is imperative.

6. A (Good) Reputation that Precedes You

Capital Innovators is proud of the classes they welcome into their program. Not only do they use resources to prepare startups for the future, but they also make sure to get the word out about them.

Startups gain publicity and exposure in their time with Capital Innovators through events like the must-attend annual Demo Day.

7. But Wait. There (Could Be) More.

After the initial $50,000 investment from Capital Innovators and completing the 12-week program, many of the Capital Innovators class graduates receive follow-on funding from angel investors or venture capitalists. It’s an accelerator that keeps on helping you accelerate.

Convinced? Good. Apply online now to be a part of the next Capital Innovators class.