St. Louis Company Named Among 20 Most Promising In Cybersecurity

PromisePay, a payments platform company currently in Cultivation Capital's portfolio, announced it has raised $2 million in funding this week

PromisePay, a payments platform company currently in Cultivation Capital’s portfolio, announced it has raised $2 million in funding this week from Cultivation Capital, venture capital fund Rampersand, 99designs Co-founder Mark Harbottle, and Reinventure, an Australian venture capital fund backed by Westpac.

With the funding, PromisePay will be expanding its Australia and California offices as well as establishing a local St. Louis office. According to Cultivation Capital, PromisePay expects to double the number of people it employs and grow revenue 10 times over in the coming year.

Anna Crosslin, president and CEO of International Institute of St. Louis, has been named a Champion of Change by the White House. Crosslin, a Japanense American, will be honored at the White House today for her 37 years of work with the International Institute, where she has “[made] a difference in the lives of refugees in the United States and abroad.”

The Institute offers job training, counseling, citizenship and language classes to immigrants and refugees. For a live steam of the event, where Crosslin will discuss her work and how it has impacted St. Louis, visit

Clone.TV, which won the first Insomniac and Digital Music News Startup Contest, has started raising $1 million in series A funding. The company, based in St. Louis, has built software to control unmanned cameras, allowing live-steamed events to be completely automated.

Norse, a cybersecurity company with one of its two offices in St. Louis, has been named to a list of 20 most promising cybersecurity solutions in the world by Silicon Valley magazine CIO Review.

Norse, which helps its customers block cyber attacks, employs 50 people as has raised $20 million, as noted by St. Louis Business Journal.

June 25: Today, Synek Draft System kicks off a four-month, 35-city tour of the US to celebrate the official launch of their product, a way for craft beer-loves to drink microbrews wherever they want. The launch begins today at the Soulard Block Party from 5-9pm. Tickets are $15 for all-you-can-drink craft beer. Learn more about Synek. 2028 S 9th St., Soulard

June 25: Venture Café this week has an international focus, with sponsorship from Basis Technology. Feature events include a discussion on foreign talent, international expansion and a talk from HSTRY CEO Thomas Ketchell, who is a Belgium native and has built an international company. 4240 Duncan Ave. #200, Midtown

June 26: This Innovation Friday welcomes Dr. Herbert “Skip” Virgin, who works at the Washington University School of Medicine.

As the Edward Mallinckrodt Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathology and Immunology, Virgin’s lab has involved in developing our understanding of viruses. During his talk, Virigin will discuss to-be-developed disease-modifying therapeutics.