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The Bourbon Friday Show with Dr. Patricia Hagen of T-REX

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Patricia Hagen, President and Executive Director of T-REX, about some of the upcoming ventures for the space.

While T-REX may seem like an unusual name for a coworking space, it is actually an acronym that pays homage to this coworking space’s first location, the Railway Exchange Building It was from then on that this innovative space, which housed Tech startups at the Railway EXchange, got it’s name (T-REX).

Once the Railway Exchange space became too small, they transitioned to the historic Lammert Furniture Building on Washington Avenue, where T-REX currently stands with over 400 members and 220 companies.

So What’s Next?

With grants from the US Department of Commerce, Monsanto, the St. Louis Development Corporation, and the Missouri Technology Corporation, there are bound to be several changes around the T-REX. Namely a new Geospatial Innovation Center, which is planned for the 4th floor, in addition to renovations on the 3rd floor in order to better accommodate mid-sized startups.

While all of these changes are exciting for this space and the members who call it home, Hagen says that T-REX’s mission is still the same: “to further economic development around innovation and entrepreneurship for the St. Louis region.”

And with all these innovations on the horizon, it would be difficult to believe otherwise.

Bourbon Innovation

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As always, the Bourbon Friday team does their best to choose a fitting drink for the occasion.

The bottles chosen for this week are Urban Stillhouse Select as well as Distiller’s Cut—both of which are Jim Beam products. In addition to being from the same distiller, both of these bottles are non-chill filtered, which means that chemical compounds such as esters, proteins and acids produced during the bourbon’s fermentation and maturation stages are left in, instead of being filtered out.

While chill-filtering is mainly done for cosmetic purposes to get clearer whiskey, many aficionados prefer non-chill filtered beverages as they typically lead to extra flavor and richer mouth-feel.

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