David Karandish on Selling Answers.com for $950M

David Karandish is the co-founder and CEO of Capacity, an enterprise artificial intelligence SaaS company focused on helping teams do their best work. To date, the company has raised over $62 million from a Midwest network of private and angel investors.

In January 2020, Capacity, announced an additional $27 million in Series C financing, closing out the round at more than $38 million for their AI-powered support automation platform, today. These funds will be allocated to support new team members, enhance product capabilities and optimize Capacity’s robust support automation platform.Β 

Prior to this, David built and sold Answers.com for $950 million. Such dizzying success is hard to put into the context of an ordinary human being, but we found thisΒ podcast episode which discusses David’s philosophy in his typical down to earth fashion.

Give it a listen and you will learn:

  • Why you have to be on the court and in the game to see the best shots to take
  • How Equity.com is empowering more new startups
  • How David raised over $23M for Capacity.ai
  • What he would advise his younger self before starting a company