New Digital Literacy Program Brings Coding to the Community

LaunchCode partners with Facebook Community Boost to introduce Discovery program at St. Louis Public Library.

​LaunchCode, a national nonprofit focused on creating pathways to careers in technology, has announced the Discovery program, made possible by a partnership with Facebook’s Community Boost initiative.

Pre-Qualification Program for Apprenticeships

Discovery is a digital literacy program that is available now, for free, at St. Louis Public Library computers.

Individuals who successfully complete the Discovery curriculum by June 15, 2018 will receive priority application consideration to LC101, LaunchCode’s free 20-week course designed to prepare participants to become web developers.

Self-Study Course

The Discovery curriculum was developed by LaunchCode to introduce users to computer programming and help them build the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry.

“Discovery was created as a way for LaunchCode to reach even more individuals experiencing roadblocks in their path to a sustainable tech job,” said LaunchCode Executive Director Jeff Mazur.

“Learning to code is becoming a critical 21st-century skill and the opportunity to gain these skills hasn’t always been broadly available. Discovery is here to challenge that.”

In-Person Mentorship & Meetups

The online course is self-paced and supported by participant meetups, to be held weekly at select St. Louis Public Library locations and led by mentors.

“The St. Louis Public Library is used by thousands of St. Louisans every day working to overcome the digital divide and be part of the tech world growing around them. Working with LaunchCode gives the Library a real, practical pathway to tech learning and jobs to offer to our patrons who have the interest and are willing to put in the effort.”

“That is a huge opportunity, and we believe that working together we can benefit individuals, businesses, and St. Louis,” said Waller McGuire, St. Louis Public Library Executive Director.

Facebook’s Community Boost

With Discovery, LaunchCode aims to break down barriers to careers in technology for St. Louisans by bringing education pathways directly to their communities.

“Through their new Discovery program, LaunchCode is adding to their impact in St. Louis by exposing people to digital skills training for the next step in their career path,” said Parisa Sabeti Zagat, Head of US Digitals Skills Programs for Facebook.

“We’re delighted to partner with them on this program through Facebook Community Boost, and with their help, and the help of partners like them, hope to have a positive, transformative and long-term impact on people’s lives.”

In November 2017, Facebook announced Community Boost, a new program to help small businesses grow and to equip more people with the digital skills they need to compete in the new economy. Facebook announced St. Louis as the first of 30 cities they visit during the

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