Paradowski Creative Will Launch St. Louis Chapter of the VR/AR Association this Thursday

Paradowski Creative, an agency that helps brands and businesses create innovative, holistic digital and physical experiences, has announced they will be hosting a new meetup representing the VR/AR Association St. Louis Chapter. The regular meetup will cater to artists, designers, developers and business professionals who would like to learn more about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The first meeting is this week at Venture Cafe on the 12th December and will be featuring the leaders of STL’s top VR/Ar companies talking about and demoing their groundbreaking technology. Future meetups will take place at a variety of great venues in the Greater St. Louis area and the programming will focus on themes such healthcare, marketing, gaming and education and the application of VR/AR technology therein.

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The VR/AR Association’s STL Kickoff will re-introduce the group to the St. Louis community and map out what’s ahead as we work to share the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality tech.

Hear from top minds in the XR space regionally as they discuss their work, answer questions, and give public demos at our inclusive events for artists, designers, developers and domain experts across industries, including:

  • Sarah Hill, Founder & CEO of StoryUp and co-organizer, making guided meditation escapes in XR to counter acute stress with biofeedback.
  • Michael Southworth, VP of Technology & Co-Founder of Sentiar, using AR to visualize the heart during surgical procedures.
  • Don Harvey Jr., Co-Founder of HarvinAR, focused on the industrial design and manufacturing space.
  • Ian Renz, Founder of ShowMeVirtual, St. Louis’ first immersive media agency.

The panel discussion will be moderated by James Kane, Immersive Tech Lead at Paradowski Creative, an agency that helps brands and businesses create innovative, holistic digital and physical experiences.

In an email to EQ about the event, Kane said, “We’ll discuss the group’s mission, announce some exciting plans and partnerships with the Science Center, STL Public Library and Microsoft Tech Center in the coming year. I predict a groundswell of talent flowing to businesses and startups in the XR space over the next several years and think 2020 will be a turning point for this tech.”

You can join the Meetup here.

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