STL AgTech Ecosystem Partners to Offer 5 Arch Grants to AgriFoodTech Startups

The partnership grants startups access to the region’s unique AgriFoodTech advantages at a time when innovation in the sector is critical despite the daunting challenges of a changing climate and supply chain inefficiencies.

The St. Louis agtech ecosystem has coalesced its resources to attract startups to the St. Louis region by funding an AgriFoodTech track in the highly successful annual Arch Grants Startup Competition. BioGenerator, the startup arm of BioSTL; the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center; and The Yield Lab have partnered with Arch Grants to extend more funding opportunities specifically to AgriFoodTech companies, which benefit from the unmatched strength of the St. Louis region.

Arch Grants

This year, Arch Grants will include up to five startups working within the AgriFoodTech space the startup competition announced in a press release. Arch Grants awards validated-idea to pre-Series A-stage startups with $75,000 each in non-dilutive grants in exchange for a one-year commitment to headquarter in St. Louis.

Arch Grants is accepting applications until April 15 for its 2022 Startup Competition. After completing the one-year program, companies raising growth capital are eligible for an additional $100,000 non-dilutive award through the Growth Grants program to empower continued growth in St. Louis.

“We are thrilled to partner with BioGenerator, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, and The Yield Lab in this concerted effort to accelerate startup success in the AgriFoodTech space,” said Gabe Angieri, Interim Executive Director of Arch Grants in a press release. “We plan to award at least three to five deserving companies in 2022 through this initiative, in addition to our regular cohort.”

Danforth Center

More than 1,000 PhD plant scientists live and work in St. Louis. With a plethora of research and development, capital, and startup supports, AgriFoodTech companies starting up and growing in the St. Louis region are poised for success, particularly within the 39 North Innovation District.

“Agtech is one of the most active sectors for early-stage and venture investment, and St. Louis is one of the key centers of agtech innovation in the country,” said Tom Laurita, director of Entrepreneurship at the Danforth Center and CEO, Danforth Technology Company.

“This new Arch Grants initiative will certainly accelerate existing startup momentum. At the Danforth Center, we observe a critical mass of innovation and capital in the region driving an explosion of opportunities to transform agriculture using the latest technologies.”

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center offers affordable access to critical core facilities, including greenhouses and growth chambers in addition to other research collaboration opportunities. BRDG Park on the Danforth Center’s campus offers wet lab and office space, and an on-site equipment loan and biotechnician training program.


St. Louis County, in conjunction with BioGenerator, offers startups affordable scientific lab space, shared equipment, and expertise at the BioGenerator Labs @ Helix Center Incubator. Companies also gain access to gene editing and transformation services through BioGenerator and its portfolio of startups.

“BioGenerator Ventures provides critical early-stage diligence and investment, while its complementary BioGenerator Labs affords startups physical space with access to shared-asset, ag-company equipment needs, ag-experienced executives to lead or guide agtech startup management teams, along with other service assets,” said Martha Schlicher, CEO of two BioGenerator-funded startups.

The Yield Lab

“The power of industry experienced professionals across the St. Louis region is what made The Yield Lab system successful for the portfolio companies selected,” said Brian Clevinger, General Partner in The Yield Lab.

The Yield Lab gives Arch Grants unique global visibility into the attractiveness of the St. Louis region with presence on each continent. Agtech startups selected and fostered by The Yield Lab’s global system have gone on to global growth, and startups initially accelerated globally have grown into the US market from a base in St. Louis.