What Would You Do With A 900 Meg Upload Speed?

This year’s Startup Connection was hosted at The Globe Building which is known for crazy fast internet speeds.

The potential of a 900 meg upload connection caught the imagination of the EQ and Vidzu teams, so while they were shooting video interviews with the hottest St Louis startups, EQ quickly interjected with a quick question:

“What would you do with a 900 meg upload speed?”

If I had to answer the question myself, I would create a massive multiplayer online game where everyone can create their own virtual botanical garden that other people can explore in VR.

But your mileage may vary. Here are the answers from the event.

So… What would you do with a 900 meg upload speed?

Here are some answers from the EQ inbox.

Melanie Igwe, Chief Commercial Officer at Ilerasoft
“I would hack all blockchain technology and then play in Jonathan’s Botanical VR game.”


Jason Sindel, Sr. Media Solutions Specialist at Vidzu Media
“Shoot more 8K video of course.”

WHUT? We’re on 8k video now?

Erm… Jason Sindel’s Dog, Logan
“Ruff! Ruff!”

My thoughts exactly!

Christina Hawatmeh, Founder and CEO at Scopio
“Load up 10,000 photos in a day to shop.scop.io so people can use better images this holiday season!!”

Yay for free PR!

Josh Schwartz, Director of Sales & Business Development at Balto Software
“I would typically keep this a secret, but I enjoy playing Destiny2 on my Xbox. A 900M upload connection would allow me to be my personal best at the game and beat all of my friends.”

Don’t tell anyone… *Slides gamertag ID across the table*

Chisom Uche, Associate at SixThirty
“I would download a ton of ebooks, smoosh them all together, and then use an algorithm to randomly create a new Frankenstein story.”

Ooh, I like that. Reminds me of this script written by an AI.

Tyler Matthews, Executive Director at Venture Cafe, St Louis

Tyler didn’t actually answer the question and instead sent this ominous photo.

Make of it what you will 🙂

Erik Lutenegger, Founder & Web Architect, Tenacity

“I’m not sure if I would do anything different. Currently, I’m hardware limited on speed. Possibly, move large design and video files to the Cloud rather than need to work on them from a local or network drive. Or the boring and more likely answer… on-demand, instantaneous Cloud backups.”

Erm… thanks Erik. This was meant to be *fun*.

Oliver Cox, Business Development Associate at Longneck & Thunderfoot

“I’d set up a backup system for music-production, saving all recordings, samples, mixes etc. to the cloud in real time.”

Oliver, can you go and sit with Erik?

Dustin McKissen, Founder, McKissen + Company
“I would do the same thing I do every night. Try and take over the world.”

Phew! That’s more like it.

Ping EQ on Facebook if you’d like to get your answer into this story – we’ll keep updating it!

In the meantime, thank you for all the support this year in our transition. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading EQ.

Special thanks to our new partners and community voices contributors OlioCity, Radius Realty, STL Community Cast, Dustin McKissen, PluggedIn and Vidzu Media for all the time and energy you have donated to EQ to expand our coverage. And all the other organizations that keep us on point – you know who you are! Thank you.

Stay tuned for more next year.

Wishing you all happy holidays and an incredible 2018!

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Jonathan Allen is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of EQ. He is also the President and Co-founder of Longneck & Thunderfoot (L&T), a brand publishing company incubated at the Columbia University Startup Lab in NYC. After winning an Arch Grant, he moved to St Louis in the summer of 2016.

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