What to Expect at Tonight’s [email protected] Event at Venture Café

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  • Published on June 2, 2016
  • Last Updated May 11, 2020
  • In Events

It’s a busy one at Venture Cafe this week. EQ’s co-founder and managing partner Kelly Hamilton will be moderating a chat with Dr. Glen Stetten of Express Scripts and Stephanie Leffler of OneSpace on “What Innovation Looks Like at a Startup and a Grown-up.” We’ll also have the first copies of EQ Issue 3 for you to pick up before anyone else.


When you’re not at the panel discussion, or digging into Issue 3, wander downstairs and check out the latest [email protected] event.

[email protected] is a new series Venture Café has launched to connect startups and corporations, and this week Express Scripts is hosting interactive stations with everything from free LinkedIn headshots to virtual reality tours. In addition to the usual serendipitous connections, here are some key reasons to be at CIC tonight:

Free LinkedIn Headshots for a Good Cause

Update that cropped photo from your cousin’s wedding two years ago with a professional headshot by Jenn Korman of Headshots 4 Hunger. The organization raises money and awareness to help combat “hidden hunger”, a global issue that keeps 2 billion people from crucial micronutrients that impact pregnancy, childhood development and productivity.

Local Culinary Entrepreneurs

Sample s’mores toast from Milque Toast Bar, Earthbound Beer’s Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde ale, summery concoctions from Local Harvest Catering and more. Meet the people behind independent businesses bringing quality and unique food to St. Louis.

Take a Virtual Tour of an Express Scripts Lab

Strap on a virtual reality headset to be transported to an Express Scripts lab. Then, try your hand at the spinwheel trivia game for a chance to win prizes.

Amp Your LinkedIn Profile

Get tips from HR pros to craft a LinkedIn profile that truly represents your stunning career. Chat one-on-one about your career goals and get advice for using LinkedIn to find a job, network and more.

Play “6 Degrees of Innovation” and Sip on Park Ave Coffee

Visit a pop-up coffee shop to enjoy coffee and meet people. Venture Café is already a friendly and welcoming place to network, and the game “6 Degrees of Innovation” makes it even easier. Use the bingo-style card as an incentive to connect with people, like “someone with the job you want to be doing in 5 years.” Complete the game, and you’re entered to win a $100 gift card.

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