SixThirty Announces its Fall 2015 Accelerator Cohort

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  • Published on September 29, 2015
  • Last Updated May 11, 2020
  • In Startup Accelerators & Incubators

SixThirty, the St. Louis-based business development accelerator and venture fund has chosen the six companies for its Fall 2015 cohort.

SixThirty, the St. Louis-based business development accelerator and venture fund has chosen the six companies for its Fall 2015 cohort. Each of the companies are late seed-stage financial technology startups with working products, and three are based right here in St. Louis.

The Fall 2015 SixThirty cohort (not pictured, Suzanne Magee) included with SixThirty Program Manager Michelle Myers and Managing Partner Atul Kamra.
The Fall 2015 SixThirty cohort with SixThirty Managing Partner Atul Kamra (far left) and Program Manager Michelle Myers (second from right); not pictured: Suzanne Magee of Bandura

“A record number of companies applied to participate in SixThirty’s Fall 2015 Cohort,” said Atul Kamra, SixThirty’s managing partner in a statement. “The application pool was truly global and, of the 150 startups that applied, a third were from the U.S.

Each company will receive up to a $100,000 investment in exchange for a negotiated percentage of equity. They’ll participate in a 14-week program providing hands-on training, mentoring, and networking opportunities with the top financial services companies in the region.

“Our principal focus is on their business development,” said Kamra. “The strength of the application pool is a testament to SixThirty’s unique approach to accelerating FinTech startups, and the strength and support of St. Louis’ financial services industry to drive their growth.”

Two of the six companies in this season’s class, Bandura and Rippleshot, also participated in the Spring 2015 Cohort. To date, SixThirty has invested in 19 companies, with six headquartered in St. Louis.

Here are the six members of the Fall 2015 Class:


Bandura, the STL-based company that completed SixThirty’s Spring 2015 program and was recently named to Prosper’s Fall 2015 class, is a revenue-producing cybersecurity software company delivering rapid, auto-updating technologies to stop network cyber attacks and data leakage for financial services, healthcare, energy.

Brigade Society

Brigade Society, an STL-based startup founded by the owners of Blood and Sand and Death in the Afternoon restaurants, is a point-of-sale system designed so that full-service restaurants operate more efficiently through integrated functionality, reducing errors and providing actionable analytics for managers and owners.


Fluent is an STL-based business-to-business blockchain-based financial network and payment platform built for global corporations and their supply chains.


Ensygnia, based in Cambridge, England, is the world’s most secure, consumer convenient, patent-protected, electronic payment and interaction system for online and screen-based purchasing using your mobile device.

Investment POD

Investment POD, from Potomac Falls, Virgina, is the first multi-strategy digital wealth-management platform that enables financial advisors to re-invent themselves through a fully integrated and customized solution.


Rippleshot, the Chicago-based company that recently completed SixThirty’s Spring 2015 program, detects payment card data breaches, usually before credit card issuers or merchants have any idea of the breach occurring.

“With this cohort we are also welcoming several highly accomplished new mentors to SixThirty,” said Kamra. “Our partners and mentors make the key difference. They are committed to providing each startup with individualized attention and connecting them to leading financial services companies, including several that call St. Louis home.”

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