What’s Next For Capital Innovators’ Fall 2015 Class

After 12 weeks of meeting with seasoned mentors, working on business models and surviving Pitch Day, the graduates of the Capital Innovators Fall 2015 cohort are ready to take on the new year. We caught up with four members of the fall class and asked them: What’s next?

Invisible Industries

“Invisible Industries is expanding our conversation platform to help brands engage with consumers in more meaningful ways. 

By creating engaging conversation services for brands, we look to facilitate personal one-on-one interactions with their consumers. The conversations are powered by a combination of real people and artificial intelligence.”
-Kyle Tabor, CEO & Co-Founder, Invisible Industries

Photo courtesy of Invisible Industries


“The upcoming year will be an exciting one for Greetabl. We’re growing quickly, and will be adding new team members in marketing, customer happiness and operations to help bring our brand experience to an ever-expanding audience.

We will continue to roll out new features, designs and gifts, and we have some really exciting collaborations lined up for later in the year. No doubt, 2016 will be a major inflection point for our brand, our team and most importantly, our customers.”
-Joe Fischer, CEO & Co-Founder, Greetabl

Photo courtesy of Greetabl

Spinball Sports

“Spinball had a record-breaking 2015, and we’re expecting even more explosive growth in the new year. Existing products have solid traction, including our first pro sale to the Oakland A’s.

Plus, we’ve got a half dozen new products ready to go that will position us as the undisputed leader in the pitching machine industry. The iPitch®, an automated three-wheel machine controlled by smartphone or tablet, will be released this spring.

Later in the year, we’ll launch an entire line of arm style machines, from basic youth level machines all the way up to Armageddon, also which is also fully automated and controlled by smartphone or tablet.

It will be the world’s only arm style pitching machine that can throw a curve. The user interface is browser-based, so if you can surf the web, you can use these machines.”
-Tom Hart, Founder and CEO, Spinball Sports

Photo courtesy of Spinball Sports
Photo courtesy of Spinball Sports

Need Fixed Parts

“In 2016, Need Fixed Parts is looking to scale sales and customer growth exponentially. We were only doing this part-time up until June of 2015 and we’re on track to do roughly $500K revenue this year.

In 2016, we expect to surpass $500K before Q1 is complete. We’re currently working on completing a partnership deal with a franchise that is looking to open 100+ locations in 2016; that would give us roughly $5MM in sales to that single franchise alone.

We’re also excited about working closely with FoxPaw and CPR on a much larger scale than we already are. In 2015, we had more demand for our product than we could keep supply, but with 2016 on the horizon we’ve worked closely with an investor to help us with our inventory issues temporarily while we look to raise $1MM in our first round in 2016.

Our goal is to stay lean and mean throughout at least Q2 of 2016 with just the three of us founders running operations, but as our business grows we will likely be hiring 1-2 employees to help with the workload.”
-Josh Moulton, CEO, Need Fixed Parts

Photo courtesy of Need Fixed Parts