Startup Connection Announces 70 Companies In The 2015 Venture Showcase Lineup

Startup Connection is now less than a month away and today marks the announcement of the 70 companies to be featured in its Venture Showcase.

Startup Connection is now less than a month away and today marks the announcement of the 70 companies to be featured in its Venture Showcase.

Startup Connection 2014 highlighted some of the best startups in the city in their Venture Showcase. Photo courtesy of Startup Connection.

“Startup Connection is a great opportunity to see the best of St. Louis’ up­-and-­coming startup companies in a variety of industry sectors,” says Phyllis Ellison, Managing Director of Startup Connection ’15. “The innovation and technology that will be on display are exciting and inspiring!”

St. Louis’ largest celebration of entrepreneurship, Startup Connection gives these 70 companies the opportunity to present to the innovation and business community for a chance to win over $250,000 in cash and in-­kind prizes. Accelerate St. Louis, Simplify Commerce by MasterCard, and Washington University in St. Louis are serving as the presenting and title sponsors for the event, respectively.

Not just for introducing startups to potential customers or capital, the Venture Showcase serves as a great way to connect companies to everyone interested in startup companies from angel investors to potential interns.

When vetting the applicants, Startup Connection looked to include companies who are up-and-coming and high-growth, in an effort to give younger startups exposure.

This year’s featured Startup Connection Venture Showcase companies include:

Accelerated Rehabilitation Technology
Accelerated Rehabilitation Technologies’ (ART) initial product offering, VRConnect, uses a SAAS (software as a service model) to connect patients with disabilities to free online virtual reality games through an interface that senses patients’ movements and converts them to digital game inputs.  Their therapy becomes part of the videogame.

An AdKiosk is an entirely new type of ad that works like an “app” inside of an ad—complete with ecommerce abilities. It’s completely interactive and in the space of a typical Internet ad can contain not just one or two product images, but thousands of products enhanced with rich text, photos, videos, and audio to present those products in detail.

Advanced Medical Manufacturing
A critical device used in Radiation Oncology, known as an aperture, is currently manufactured only in Florida. Washington University’s Medical Center would prefer to buy them from a local manufacturer. They are working to bring this advanced medical device manufacturing capability to St. Louis and start manufacturing these devices locally.

AdVax is developing microbiome-sparing, paradigm-changing diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Appbase provides a data synchronization Javascript API for app developers to build real-time apps really fast.

Applied Particle Technology
Applied Particle Technology (APT) aims to revolutionize the $41B air purification market through a platform patented technology developed by world-renowned experts in filtration technology which can outperform current filtration technologies in terms of filtration capability, efficiency and energy consumption.

Arch InnoTek
Arch InnoTek is a dedicated bio-engineering company focused on developing innovative approaches to produce natural high-value carotenoids through metabolic engineering.  The main application of carotenoids is in feed, followed by supplements, food and cosmetics.

Better Weekdays
Better Weekdays is a mobile job-matching platform that makes college career centers 50% more efficient by generating personalized job leads for students/grads, and tracking engagement to make employment verification easier.

Blue Line Security Solutions, LLC
Blue Line provides unique security software solutions that can be bolted onto existing security solutions.  It provides a premier capability of access control, threat detection and concierge capabilities with a proprietary design.

Bridge Software LLC
Bridge Software was formed to solve the problem of poor information sharing in the home renovation industry. Their first product, Stagistics, is a software program that allows contractors to run all aspects of their business and allows suppliers to manage their interaction with contractors.

Casey York Design
Casey York Design produces premium modern quilts and quilt patterns. Celebrating and continuing the traditional arts of applique and embroidery, these sleek pieces are modern, but also timeless.

Cast provides brands and consumers with design, data and technology solutions using a real-time polling platform.

Claim Academy
Claim Academy is a new developer boot-camp, the first in St. Louis, offering 12-week classes in Java and .NET, with a focus on collaboration between students and professional preparation.

The CrisisGo mobile app was developed for school districts seeking better ways to handle emergency events, especially active shooter situations.

CTY’s flagship product is Numina. Numina provides analytics for places, starting with a completely plug-and-play device that can count anything you can see.

DataDog Health Inc.
DataDog Health presents Mindset—an app for stress and anxiety.  Mindset is for mental health what Fitbit is for physical fitness.  The app notifies you when you’re stressed and provides therapy options to help you gain control over your mental wellbeing.  Destress, reset, mindset

Displays That PAY
Displays that pay allow you to drag and drop your marketing communications content to our DIY display service cloud and enhance your digital presence, brand and customer engagement at your next event.

EasyTork is a pneumatic actuator is a mechanical device, which generates force to turn a valve in an industrial process. It converts compressed air into mechanical motion i.e. opening or closing of the valve. This “controlled valve” can then be connected to a computer terminal, which results in a smart industrial plant.

EDIS was founded to help companies make better decisions faster and at lower cost by automating manual integration processes in merging complex competitive intelligence data—starting with the generic pharmaceutical industry.

Epharmix: Digital Pharmaceuticals
The Epharmix team of MDs/PhDs, MBAs, and developers has multiple clinical trials underway for various payer-reimbursable, tightly targeted electronic interventions: SMS and phone-based communications.

Eureka Analytics
Eureka Analytics is a software company that blends powerful machine learning algorithms with intuitive user features to make the patent search process simpler and smarter.

Filament: A Better Meeting Machine
Filament is a better meeting machine. Their turn-key conferences, strategy sessions and retreats use creative facilitation and unique problem-solving tools to drive meaningful collaboration and deliver insanely great results.
Fluidly helps beer businesses better market and track their beer. Businesses setup educational and synced beer lists to share on their social channels, their website, and our mobile app.

FocalCast is a SaaS mobile application that turns any device into a wireless Smartboard allowing you to stream drawings and presentations to anyone from anywhere.

FoodShare Mobile Application
FoodShare is an iPhone App where users discover and share restaurants with friends, while helping the community.  A meal is donated to someone in need each time a user dines at a FoodShare listed restaurant.

Greetabl launched its greeting-card-cum-gift-box in 2013. The new Greetabl is the total-package online gift site that provides a fun, customized, and affordable way to send small gifts and special greetings.

Grip Racks
Grip Racks manufactures vehicle roof rack accessories based on the patent-pending roof rack clamp. The roof rack clamp easily and safely attaches to most vehicle cross bars and secures anything to the roof rack—from bikes and kayaks, to ladders and lumber.

Hey Let’s Train
They connect fans to professional athletes through sports performance training, which builds digital relationships between fans and athletes.

HIPAAtrek guides healthcare organizations through creating, implementing and managing a customized HIPAA compliance program.

iDrain Systems
iDrain Systems is a sewer monitoring system that includes a sensor and valve in every building drain, and software that wirelessly monitors each one notifying the business/home owner via an app of any imminent problem, preventing damage to the home/business.

Intact Genomics, Inc.
Intact Genomics, Inc., founded in 2013, develops life science research products and technologies for DNA amplification, cloning, sequencing, genomics, synthetic biology, and function studies with the particular focus on large DNA cloning related services and applications.

Invisible Industries
Invisible Industries is a conversation-as-a-service engine. Using our “Invisible People Engine”, they create personalized experiences over communication channels using on-demand personas. These personas can range from pen-pals, life coaches, to even fictional characters like company mascots, which generate one-on-one conversations that are always-on, making for a highly engaging user experience.

Jobsite Unite
Jobsite Unite is a mobile-first app that helps simplify, streamline, and record critical jobsite communication for residential and commercial construction projects. is an online information hub, on a mission to make it easier for millennials to understand and follow important information. The site curates and indexes open data, published research, legislation and news articles from around the web into a platform designed for learning and engagement.

Konza Technology, LLC
Konza Investment Technology creates powerful and intuitive analysis software for sophisticated institutional investors. The company’s first product, KonzaLP, is a powerful performance analysis system for private equity and venture capital funds. Institutional investors use KonzaLP to improve investment outcomes with data driven investment decisions.

LifePack created compostable, biodegradable, sustainable and plantable packaging (e.g. cups, sleeves, boxes etc.) made from agroindustrial waste (pineapple crown, cotton, rice husk, bark or other fibrous materials) and local seeds.

Logger’s Lunchbox, LLC
Logger’s Lunchbox, LLC designs and assembles camera support products for the film and video industry.

Mach 34 Studios
Mach 34 Studios’ initial product, a mobile education app called “Mind Set,” offers kids (grades 5-8) an enchanting four-episode story filled with unique characters and amusingly-complex scenarios to think through.

Made for Freedom, LLC
Style, form and function meet dignity at Made for Freedom (MFF). Their mission increases the quality of life for marginalized women and sex trafficking survivors through dignified employment while raising consumer awareness of trafficking through globally inspired apparel.

MagBiosense (LLC) develops a rapid test for diagnosing heart attacks in 2–3 hours instead of 6–9 hours.

MDhandoff is a health information technology (IT) firm that aims to make transfers of care between healthcare settings safer for patients, simpler for providers, and cost effective for payers.

Microbe Scan LLC.
Microbe Scan LLC, a research and service laboratory, is targeting novel technologies for the detection of water and food-borne microbial contamination and its eradication.

MyWay Paint
MyWay Paint is the app that brings paint swatches into the 21st Century and greatly reduces the hassles of the painting process.

Nanaya uses algorithms to scientifically predict your romantic future, whether it’s when and where you’ll find love or if you should settle down with your current partner.

nanoMetallix LLC                                                                 NanoMetallix designed metallic nanotechnology to rapidly revolutionize rocket propellant and high-explosives.

Nitrogenics LLC
Nitrogenics is a plant biotechnology company and its product is a new genetic trait enabling plants to fix nitrogen directly from the air.
Opend works with governments to make public data more accessible.

PawFriction                                                                          Pawtology combines the expertise of design with the knowledge of veterinary medicine to develop safe and effective pet products and application techniques.

People Behind the Science
The PBtS podcast explores the experiences of today’s scientists to inspire, educate, and highlight the human side of science.

Public Funds Investment & Reporting (PFITR) is a software-as-a-service technology company that allows public servants (Treasurers, CFOs, Directors of Finance, etc.) to do a better job managing public funds.

Pro-Arc Diagnostics
Pro-Arc Diagnostics offers a diagnostic tool to minimize the risk of a fatal neurological disorder in immunocompromised patients.

Regent Power, LLC
Regent Power is a project integration firm specializing in the design and implementation of energy storage solutions that utilize renewable energy resources and technologies to assure clean, efficient, reliable power to commercial clients that require dependable energy–such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, and community back-up energy storage.

RoverTown is the largest mobile student discount program in the nation available to over 2.1 million college students on the RoverTown iPhone/Android mobile app at over 100 colleges and universities.

Ryvit is an industry-focused platform-as-a-service that helps application vendors advance and accelerate integration solutions they can take to market for their customers.

Saving Grace Beauty
Saving Grace Beauty manufactures and distributes a new beauty product which solves common hair dilemmas affordably, easily, and instantly. Saving Grace Hair Powder absorbs oil and covers roots, allowing users to shampoo less and go longer between salon color visits.

New York Times calls Scopio “Getty Images in Real-Time.” Scopio is an image discovery acquisition and marketplace.

Scoville & Company
Scoville & Company invents, manufactures and markets innovative medical devices that address gaps and inefficiencies in home healthcare. They just launched their first product, Pacidose.

Selequity is an online capital marketplace for equity investing and fundraising in commercial real estate.

Skejul Inc.
Skejul is a highly engaging communication platform providing intelligent assistance to plan, manage, and balance all life’s activities.

The SmartCare System studies an individual’s behavior and conveys alerts when risks are elevated. No “wearables” are required. Data is summarized in easy-to-read reports and distributed to specific, designated individuals through an online dashboard and mobile alerts. SmartCare satisfies HIPAA requirements.

PUCK is a hardware/software solution that replaces the traditional remote control with an intuitive and easy to setup mobile app.

Sparo Labs
Sparo Labs is an award-winning, digital health startup committed to breathing life into the asthma industry.  Wing®—their flagship product—helps you control your asthma using a powerful app and pocket-sized sensor that measures your lung function.

Start Right Foods
Start Right Foods was founded to provide that fulfilling breakfast, offering convenient, hearty meals, packed with protein to fuel the long day ahead.  Start Right Foods has an initial product ready to launch in its healthy, high-protein breakfast line.

Tallyfy is a web app that prevents human errors. It streamlines your business processes with powerful checklists that work in real-time, on any device.

Thermasi                                                                               Thermasi LLC is a startup manufacturing company that will be producing the world’s most efficient electric furnace.

Trendly, LLC
Trendly is an app that rewards millennials for showing how they live their favorite brands and lets them shop from other user’s photos.

Unfettered Socks                                                                  Unfettered Socks fill the void left by today’s dress sock offering. With a unique material blend that maximizes wickability, durability, and stay-up-ability Their socks look like dress socks but act like performance socks.

ViTAL creates computer and tablet applications to propel digital graphics beyond visual imagery. Their software translates visual content displayed on screen into an image that can not only been seen, but also heard (through sounds) and felt (through vibrations) on commercially existing tablets and phones.

Zipline Labs, Inc.                                                                 
Zipline is a financial technology built for the world where keystrokes create and move currencies as easily as creating and sending.