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Arch Grants Announces Summer 2015 Global Startup Competition Recipients

Last night Arch Grants introduced the first 11 recipients of its Global Startup Competition, nine of which are minority- or woman-led.

Photo courtesy of T-Rex
Million Dollar Scholar. Photo courtesy of T-Rex

Last night Arch Grants introduced the first 11 recipients of its Global Startup Competition, nine of which are minority- or woman-led.

Arch Grants, which has raised $3.65 million for 66 companies in its lifetime, provides $50,000 grants and pro bono support to the winners of its competition and brings those companies to St. Louis to help them grow.

This year, Arch Grants will be awarding funding at two separate times during the year, a departure from years previous when funding was announced once per year. The next round of recipients will be announced in November.

Meet the summer 2015 Global Startup Competition recipients:

Applied Particle Technology

Applied Particle Technology is a company that has created a high-efficiency filtration system that creates cleaner air in commercial buildings, such as hospitals, and also cuts back on energy usage.


Appbase is a streaming database service that will allow developers to focus on creating thei product rather than building complex, searchable backend databases.

Better Weekdays

Better Weekdays is a job matching platform that coordinates with universities’ career centers to help college students prepare the job search as well as provides access to compatible employers currently in the market for new employees.


CrisisGo is a mobile app aimed at increasing preparation and communication for groups during emergency situation. The app includes a way for people to locate everyone in a group during an emergency as well as provide plans before a crisis happens.


HIPAAtrek is a cloud-based service that guides doctors offices through a HIPAA compliance plan.

Invisible Boyfriend/ Invisible Girlfriend

Invisible Industries creates a virtual significant other for users by creating a paper trail for the relationship with a back story, voice mails, text and handwritten notes.

Jobsite Unite

Jobsite Unite is a social media-style communication app for use on construction sites. The app connects all contractors working on a site at once to reduce the miscommunication and confusion that can lead to mistakes and expensive corrections.


Listo is a movie app that will translate audio to a user’s preferred language (currently 25 are available), making those experiences accessible to more people.

Million Dollar Scholar

Million Dollar Scholar walks college applicants through the scholarship process—from writing an appealing resume to finding the scholarships that fit their needs.

Scoville & Company

Scoville & Company brings hospital solutions into the home, like their product, Pacidose, which connects a hospital-grade syringe with a pacifier to make giving babies medicine more efficient. CEO Dr. Agnes Scoville noted the company has eight more products in development currently.


SmashToast is a software and hardware development company that aims to connect the home to your smartphone. The company’s flagship product, PUCK, allows users to control multiple devices through one app.